I started my career as a graphic designer, later I was very interested in learning CG, then I became a self taught, seeking information in books and doing personal projects, months later started working professionally with 3D on a small TV studio in my hometown. Later joined to the University to learn Design and complete the degree Bachelor of Design in 2007.

I’m currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the last years I had the pleasure of working on several projects for TV commercials, short animated film, print and special effects for film.

In the area of CG I prefer working with modeling, physical effects, particles, lighting and rendering, but I’m a more artistic than technical person .

I’m a great fan of art, design, games and films, I always have a personal project in development, I think the personal project is very important, is a way to create all areas of a project, from concept to the final composition, help us to improve skills and always keeps us motivated.
I have a lot to learn as an artist,  knowing that I can create more, and I am working hard for that.





  • Maya: Advanced
  • Softimage: Advanced
  • 3ds Max: Advanced
  • Houdini: Basic
  • Modo: Basic
  • Clarisse IFX: Basic



  • Arnold: Advanced
  • Redshift: Advanced
  • Mental Ray: Advanced
  • Renderman: Intermediate
  • 3Delight: Basic
  • V-Ray: Intermediate
  • Mantra: Basic



  • Nuke: Intermediate


Other Tools

  • Zbrush: Advanced
  • MudBox: Advanced
  • 3d Coat: Advanced
  • Mari: Intermediate
  • Photoshop: Advanced
  • PF Track: Intermediate
  • Real Flow: Intermediate
  • Fume FX: Advanced
  • Krakatoa: Intermediate
  • Motion Builder: Intermediate
  • Substance Painter: Intermediate
  • Substance Designer: Intermediate