Project Structure for 3d Animated Short Film

Project Structure for 3d Animated Short Film

Recently I started my most complex personal project, an 3d animated short film with characters, vehicles, fire effects, particle simulations… and a lot of challenging tasks.

The main objective of this project is personal improvements in:

  • artistic skills: art direction, concept designs for vehicles, characters environments, animation, and lighting;
  • technical: learn new tools, test different techniques, optimize processes, organize a structure of tasks and files for a better workflow.
  • having fun trying make some coll eye candy hehehehee…


I made a project structure which for now is the structure that I am using in the short, I’ll find out if it’s working, if it needs adjustments. The main 3d software that I’ll will use is Softimage, so that the file structure is inside 02_Production/3d/XSI/ because I will also use some of the folders of the XSI project manager, to store some temporary caches or tests.

If anyone has any tips or advice, please let me know, because it’s my first 3d animated short film, but for now here is it:



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